Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ok... I know I'm a little late with posting this but, hey, I have a new born and a family to deal with.  

The Chargers did it!!!  It was so much fun to sit around with my family and cheer and scream for our favorite team.  Lauri called me as the game was about to get under way and tried to poke some fun.  Mom commented on the last post and I totally agree.  I loved the year we had Christmas dinner at mom and dad's and all of us sat around cheering and loving the football game on the TV.  It was great to watch the little ones get all pumped up and jump and give high fives to the adults.  

Did I know that the Chargers were going to win? Of course.  It was kind of a destiny thing.  The day Emmett was born, Janeal and I sat around at home trying to relax watching football.  We were able to wait until the end of an incredible game where the Chargers stormed back in the last 2 minutes to beat the KC Chiefs.  After that, Janeal looked at me and said.. OK, I think it might be time to go now.  

Are they going to win the next game?  Who knows.  I'm just happy they didn't totally waste this season.  From here on out all teams start even.  

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Will it happen.

Well, the Chargers won the first part... now if only the Broncos could lose....

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Status of this blog

OK... Since I'm staying at home for a bit to help with the new little bugger, I'll be posting mostly on the family blog.  Please excuse me if this blog is a little boring for a month or so.  Work and life really slows down during the winter.  

On to another thing- I swear if the Chargers win this Sunday and the Broncos lose I'm going to lose control of all body functions.  Justice will be served if the season could be decided by the final game this regular season.  It is such a long shot to happen but I would LOVE it.  All I can say is GO CHARGERS!!!!  

On to more sleep deprivation and headaches from those I love the most.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


What do these three photos have in common?

We're not sure either but the answer is coming soon (real soon).

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