Saturday, September 27, 2008

OK... I've actually been busy at work lately.  I've had K9 recerts and a bunch of crazy things have been going on.  If you have been looking at the news, you might have seen that we have our share of crazies up here.  Some guy thought God was speaking to him.  The wack job that went on a killing spree (6 gone- 1 was a Sheriff) was just a few miles down the road.  Then the other day some other loon kill a forest service K9 handler after he killed some guy and stole his truck.  Fortunately, the second guy got some lead injections and won't need to stand trial.  I haven't needed to be involved directly but, since law enforcement was involved, they are asking us to help here and there.  Services are on Monday for the Forest Service Officer.  
Here are a couple of pics of the lake I was talking bout earlier.  Tonight I went up here again.  It was so nice.  It's a pretty hike (only 0.7 miles) that drops down to a picturesque little lake.  The water is crystal clear and on one side it's surrounded by some cliffs topped with some nice pine trees. Wind started to pick up, fly fishing was very difficult.  Only other problem was the sun going down too early.  
When the wind would die down and it was calm, the fish were jumping at almost anything.  They even attacked my leader as it layed on the water-- I chuckled because they just wouldn't hit the fly.  I have to figure out what they like 'cause it's killing me to see them jumping all over the place.
Fall is starting to come around in full force.  More rain, colder temps, sun is dropping quicker, and light dusting of snow on some of the mountains.  

My laptop power cord is shot so I might not post for a bit.  Enjoy

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mount Baker area

Just a couple of pics of where I was at the other night. I couldn't take any of the little lake I was at because it was getting too dark. These are just some nice views during the drive and hike. I will be returning soon, so I'll put some pics up of one of the most picturesque little lakes I've found nearby. It's called Blue Lake and it's only a 0.7 mile hike to get to. And the best part of it... tons of trout are in there. It almost sounded like a stream with how many fish were jumping.

This here is a pic of Baker Lake and the valley

This is a pic of Mt Baker and some of its glaciers.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another day at the office

Today, I worked in the North Cascades. Here is some shots of the wonders around here.

Also, most of my blogs are going to have kind of a fishing slant to them. My fly fishing is coming around. I had a couple of epiphanies with my casts and presentations. I still have a lot of problems... but if I concentrate and work it, I can get some great casts. I'm just worried some of my initial flubs are scaring the fish to the other side of the lake or miles upstream. A nice thing tho, I got a spin cast for my b-day and sometimes it just works better. So far, that's the only thing that has caught fish (4 cutthroats and 2 rainbows- all small).

This little creek was nice. Some cutthroat trout were found but had to be released... too small. Had to look for some pools and find some nice rapids where they were hiding.

A little marsh near Rainy Lake. Pics of Rainy Lake will come soon. There are some beautiful waterfalls coming from glacial runoff into the lake. Another plus- they stock it with a hybrid fish -tryploid trout and there is tons of cutties in there. Word is, they should enjoy some nymphs if that doesn't work I'll just have to try some other tricks.

Here's a couple of pics of Diablo Lake. It really is that wild green color. I've only been hiking around this green monster. They say to fish this, you need to "go deep." I guess I'll have to buy a boat in the near future. And then a downrigger setup. And then a few more poles w/ lots of gear. (Janeal's not happy with these prospects)

Well, the pics and words will continue later.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Some of the places I enjoy at work

Here is some pictures of a nice little stream I enjoyed tonight. It's actually about 10 ft deep in the second picture (crystal clear). A nice stream with some good areas of small white water. Easy to wade and throw a line out. Only problem--- didn't find any fish. I'm sure they're there, I just need to find out what they like.

First Posting

Ok... Well, I decided to do a blog. Janeal always was getting upset when I posted or put things that were a little more my flavor vs hers. So, this is going to be mine. I'll be posting pics of places I get to go during work and somethings about the kids and wife.

Hope you enjoy it

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