Thursday, October 30, 2008

I figured I'd try something new

Ok.... I changed my background/ layout and it's all gone.  HAHAHA.... Now, I get to chuckle at myself instead of my family members.  I am using the Chargers background kind of in jest. They have been ticking me off something horrible.  I love Eric Weddle (or this one), but that defense stinks right now.  The best thing they did this year is get rid of Ted Cottrell.    

I'll be working for the couple of days.  I might be able to get some pics of the area and some nice fishing shots.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good informative video

*** I don't usually do this stuff ***

Before watching, go to the bottom of my page and pause the music.  I know this is preaching to the choir for the most part but it actually struck me... Kind of a wow moment as to why we should vote yes on Prop 8.  Now that I'm in WA, I can't, but still it hit home.  

PS.  I've been working A LOT lately.  No real fun time.  No time to enjoy the beauty. And no time to fish.  That's why no postings.  Hopefully things will change in a week or two.  

Friday, October 17, 2008

This "Tag your it" stuff stinks

1.  When I was young, I used to tie sheets together and climb out my second story window to go out and do... "things."  I am still amazed I was able to get back in and not get caught.

2.  My father and I have something in common.  We have both cussed LOUDLY in the chuch parking lot due to injuries.  Dad got pinned between to cars and spun around like a pencil- family members should be chuckling right now.  Me- I was about 14 and I was riding the hay ride at a halloween carnival and fell off.  While falling, I got my leg tangled over the tow bar and my foot got caught under the wheel (it was a small cart w/ 10 - 15 kids on it).  It dragged me for a bit.  After I got out I was swearing "a bit" and Dani kept trying to get me to stop by saying "Jimmy, we're at church!"  My best friend Kraig ran to my house to get my dad, upon arrival my dad says, "What did Jim do now?"

3.  I work a lot.  I can easily work an 80 hr week and not think a thing.  But I am totally lazy.  I still remember mom coming in and waking me w/ a cup or pan of water to the face because I slept most of the day away.  Janeal has been thinking of doing this to me lately.

4.  Precusor to #1... One saturday night I snuck out of my bottom floor window to go T-P ing and raise all kinds of hell.  While out admiring our work, a car screeches down the road and slams on the brakes right next to us.  I spook and try to jump a wall.  I landed in a ditch and shattered my ankle.  Somehow- I still don't remember how- my friends got me over the wall.  They pushed me back home on my skateboard then pretty much shoved me through my window.  Sunday morning I crawled in to mom and dads room.  Dad yells at me to get up and I try to explain that I couldn't.  I finally have to break and tell him the story.  

5.  I love to play poker.  I have never deposited money online but I have about $50 on my account from my winnings.  I went through a horrible losing streak the past few months and lost maybe $100.  But hey--- it's free money, I'm still up $50.  

6.  If I could turn back the clocks, I'd become an astronomer.  My favorite movie is "Contact."  It is hailed by the atheists but I see it as, "Look at the majesty and incredible wonders, and you think all just happened?"  I can star gaze or look through a telescope for hours.  

7. Final random/ wierd fact-  I can make fart sounds with my neck and shoulder.  I realized this when I was young and reading a book.  Boy am I glad that talent has never left me!

There... that's it.  I am not tagging anyone so breathe easy.  

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Gun Control = Using your sights

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Daddy went for a walk

Well,  I had a couple of days off and figured I'd better act like a father.  Wednesday after school, I took Reagan and Delaynie out for a walk while Hayden and Mackenzie did their homework.  Also, it was a good time to get them out of the house so mom could make some dinner and not have them make a mess.  We went down to a little lake nearby, Lake Louise.  We walked around it looking for fish, birds, and rabbits.  It was fun to be able to spend some time with them.  They picked flowers and gathered rocks while enjoying "nature."  It was cool.  I swear we saw an osprey.  Delaynie saw it flying in and said "Look a dad, a Seahawk."  Unfortunately, I didn't have the camera ready.  Well here's some pics of the girls running around w/ dad.  I wanted a picture of Delaynie by herself too, but she didn't want to.  

Chill Music